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Who We Are

from our hearts

Located on Portage Avenue in the heart of west Winnipeg. The Cork & Flame brings a contemporary atmosphere to Winnipeg’s dining scene with its 193 seats capacity. The restaurant’s menu is like the food itself, the portions are “large” featuring a diverse selection of soups and salads, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, classic dinners, and a wide assortment of entrées with the likes of steak, ribs, fish, pasta and much more. Our vision is to bring back the formal dining room experience with a casual twist. Unlike most of the other restaurants in west Winnipeg, the Cork & Flame is a local privately owned restaurant. Our dining room features elegant table linens and a carefully thought out decor; with a color palette that offers a relaxed setting.

Vibrant City Ambiance

All of the restaurant’s furniture from dining room tables to stand-up barstools in the lounge have been carefully selected to add to the vibrant ambiance of each dining space. With over 4,500 square feet available, our restaurant has been intricately set-up to provide an aesthetic for any occasion. Our restaurant offers intimate and romantic settings with a larger dining room which can cater to both large groups and small parties. It’s perfect for a night out or a special occasion.

Relaxed Lounge

The lounge features a casual bar where guests can enjoy an assortment of alcoholic beverages including an extensive selection of wine, kraft beer, whiskey, bourbon, and signature cocktails just to mention a few. On both Friday and Saturday evenings, you can also enjoy the live sounds of entertainment piped through our sound system. A lighthearted appetizer menu is always available for you to enjoy with a great selection of finger food during the late night.

Comfortable Outdoor Patio

Our outdoor patio is full of lush greenery with cozy and intimate seating which is ideal for a romantic setting. The patio is also privately situated near the back side of the restaurant’s property, where you can relax amongst friends and listen to some great background music.

Carefully Crafted Music Selection

Jazzy background music will enhance your dining experience without becoming a distraction as the music is always played at a comfortable volume.

Our Story

In Crete, our story was built, and in Winnipeg our story continues.

Our family story originated on the island of Crete, where traditionally family is surrounded by food and fine wines. We were raised to nurture and appreciate only the finest, local ingredients incorporating them into every creation.

After my parents immigrated to Canada, life was focused on sustaining the family business, which were always restaurants. As kids, we lived and breathed “the family restaurant” maintaining the traditional values of family relating to food.

Through the use of classic table settings, delicate craftsmanship in our kitchen and the use of only the finest, local ingredients we have been able to maintain the traditional value of European fine dining.

Bringing this piece of tradition to Winnipeg, Manitoba has been nothing but rewarding and we thank you all because without this strong community, the  Cork & Flame would not be here.

So, Welcome to a piece of our tradition and enjoy.

Kyriakos Vogiatzakis